2021 McLaren 620R Sportscar Available in Limited Quantities at McLaren Denver in Colorado

McLaren 620R

2021 McLaren 620R
BASE MSRP: Estimated from $280,000
Horsepower: 612
Estimated City MPG: 15
Estimated Highway MPG: 22 

Learn About the 2021 McLaren 620R

Take the excellence of the 570S GT4 and remove the restrictions to maximum performance, and the 2021 McLaren 620R is the result. Respecting the heritage of its predecessor, while pushing the envelope of what a sportscar can achieve, the 620R is designed to excel on the track. Whether the 620R is zooming around town, the highway, or the track, drivers will experience an exhilarating ride that leaves a lasting impression.  

2021 McLaren 620R Trim 

The 2021 620R is only available in one trim level and is a limited production vehicle. Colorado drivers wanting the thrill of a lifetime will appreciate the 620R. Raw performance and expert handling make the 620R feel like the ultimate track sportscar, while also being fun to operate when cruising around town.

2021 McLaren 620R: MSRP from $280,000 


The track-driven performance is spearheaded by the 3.8L V8 engine. Sporting 612 horsepower, the 2021 620R is filled with top-level acceleration and overall speed for enjoyment where the sportscar is taken. Handling in the 620R is impeccable with its lightweight construction and attention to proper aerodynamics. Taking the carbon-fiber rear spoiler from the 570S GT4, the grip is at a premium with the 620R so drivers can have full confidence in taking even the sharpest of turns with ease.  

Interior Features

The 2021 McLaren 620R is designed to be a behemoth on the track first and foremost. Inside, the sportscar has the essentials to ensure even city driving is comfortable. The seating gives the driver the sense they are in a vehicle designed to race at high speeds, invoking that sense of excitement only a vehicle with a racing heart can provide. Customers can opt for a sound system designed by Bowers & Wilkins for improved audio quality.  

Safety Features  

The impeccable grip and handling of the 2021 McLaren 620R are what make it reliable when undertaking tighter maneuvers. Since racing on the track requires the tools to effortlessly handle bends at higher speeds, the design of the 620R and its drivetrain ensure the driver always maintains adequate control regardless of the situation. Even on the standard roads, operating the 620R is a pleasant experience for the unbridled performance the vehicle also contains.
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Learn About the 2021 McLaren 620R at McLaren Denver

McLaren Denver is the only dealer in Colorado to place an order for the McLaren 620R. This revolutionary nod to McLaren’s history is a limited edition, with less than 300 set to be made. Contact McLaren Denver in Highlands Ranch today at (303) 470-7000 to speak with a sales representative about how to place a deposit on any of the excellent McLaren vehicles we provide our customers.  


(Photo Credit: McLaren)