Consign Your Vehicle in Denver, Colorado | We Will Sell Your Car

Consign Your Vehicle With Mike Ward McLaren Denver in Highlands Ranch, CO!

Have you thought about selling your luxury, sports, or exotic car, truck, or SUV? Do you dread the idea of having to answer endless phone calls or emails about your vehicle? Let the Mike Ward Auto Group sell your car for you! We will take all those email and phone questions and arrange for any test drives of your vehicle, to take that burden off you.

What Can You Do For Me?

We act as your broker in selling your vehicle. We do all the marketing. We answer all the questions. We do all the paperwork. We cut you your check!

Benefits of Consigning Your Vehicle With Mike Ward Auto Group:

-The impeccable Mike Ward Reputation
-NO hidden fees or charges – our rates are set and agreed-to by you
-We make sure your vehicle is sales-ready before advertising it to the shopping public
-You can trust our professionally-trained sales staff to represent your vehicle properly and with enthusiasm
-We will advertise your vehicle on all major automotive websites
-Our photographer will take professional pictures of your car to post with the listing
-We will assist the buyer in securing financing for the vehicle if required
-We will allow prospective buyers to trade for your vehicle


What Does it Cost?

Our fee structure is very simple! YOU set the price you want for your vehicle and YOU are in control of any price changes. (We can help determine a good market value)

Selling Price                                   % Commission
Up to $29,999                                             12%
$30,000 – $59,999                                   11%
$60,000 – $89,999                                  10%
$90,000 – $119,000                                 9%
$120,000 – $149,999                               8%
$150,000 and up                                         7%

Additional Fees Required to be Paid by Owner Prior to Listing Vehicle:

  1. Safety Inspection fee:  $175
  2. Professional Detail Fee: $275
  3. Marketing & Advertising Fee: $299

*The vehicle MUST pass emissions prior to being listed for sale.

Please see our Consignment Form for all other details, rules, and requirements.