Drive Your McLaren in the Winter? Yes, With McLaren Winter Tires!

February 20th, 2018 by

McLaren Winter Wheels and Tires available at Mike Ward McLaren Denver

McLaren winter wheels and tiresDid you know that McLaren has you covered if are looking to drive your already amazing car in the snow?  McLaren has partnered with tire manufacturer Pirelli to bring you the perfect tire for driving your Mclaren in the cold autumn, winter, and spring months. The Pirelli SottoZero3 tires are designed to work best once the temperature drops below 44 degrees. The tires allow for maximum grip – even in snow or wet conditions.

To go along with these amazing winter tires, McLaren has developed a unique set of wheels to go along with them.  The new wheels have a stealth look. The wheels are 14-spoke, lightweight forged wheels, and have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System installed.  The tires are already mounted to these beautiful wheels to make your acquisition a fully complete package.

Talk to your consultant at Mike Ward McLaren Denver to get your set today!

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