Get Your McLaren Ready for Spring with Service from McLaren Denver

March 28th, 2023 by

Mike Ward McLaren Denver

McLaren Denver Gets Your High-End Sportscars Ready for Spring

Bringing your McLaren out of winter storage can only mean one thing. Spring has arrived in Colorado! McLaren Denver is ready to help you prepare your high-end sportscar for all the adventuring, car shows, and track days you plan on attending in 2023. Our Service Center is home to a team of qualified technicians who are committed to making your vehicle run at its best throughout the year. Thanks to their access to a well-stocked Parts Department also, you can be confident that after your vehicle’s appointment with us, it is running like a true titan of performance. 

McLaren Services for Spring

Air Filter Replacement – One of the first things you should consider if you have kept your vehicle in storage throughout the year is getting the air filters in the McLaren replaced. This is especially true if you didn’t do so before the vehicle was put into storage. You will appreciate the performance and efficiency that a clean set of filters provide your sportscar. The filters we use are also designed to work with your McLaren for the best overall experience possible. 

Tire Rotation & Balancing – A set of tires that have been properly rotated and balanced ensures that the ride you experience is smooth. These procedures also improve the longevity of your tires, so you don’t have to replace them as regularly. As part of our out-of-storage appointment, let our technicians do this quick service as well and you’ll love the results. 

Fluid & Battery Replacement – Being immobile in storage all winter, your McLaren might need to have fresh oil and other fluids. Our team will be happy to supply your vehicle with the quality brand-recommended oil or other fluids that make your vehicle function at its peak. Similarly, we will be happy to test your vehicle’s battery and supply a replacement if one is required.